Remember the future

Time travel from the past to the future of the tech industry

Mobile World Capital Barcelona proposes a journey through time, from company towns to the digital economy, blending history, tradition, and innovation in Barcelona.

Welcome to the immersive experience Remember the Future by Mobile World Capital Barcelona at MWC24. A multimedia journey through the various industrial revolutions that have shaped our history, exploring the technical and social transformations that have defined our society.

You can find us at:
MWC24 – Hall 6 – Stand 6B31

Remember the future we dared to dream.

To build the future, we must value what we have learned from the past. Our country has that past. It led us to experience four industrial revolutions, whose challenges were successfully overcome. From a resilience that, now more than ever, remains present in the DNA of our society. A legacy that now legitimizes us to embrace the new 5.0 industrial revolution.

An Industrial Revolution 5.0 that will unite man and technology

To complement, not to replace. To generate synergies, not gaps. To make the future a sustainable place, where technology serves people.

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A journey through time from the past to the future of the technology industry

Let yourself be carried away on a unique and astonishing journey through the four major industrial revolutions that have been decisive in transforming our territory and society.

Witness the arrival of steam in the textile industry… the implementation of electricity in our daily lives… the progress of the automotive industry and digitalization… and now the next revolution, the 5.0 revolution.

It is an immersive visual and auditory experience that shows how these revolutions have impacted not only industry, but also our daily lives, humanising technology and highlighting its influence on our society.

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Past, present and future shake hands!

Experience first-hand the most innovative projects driven by Mobile World Capital Barcelona and key companies from Barcelona’s business and technology ecosystem. Discover how the 5.0 industrial revolution is now a reality for them!

Meet them at our stand at MWC24 (Hall 6 – Stand 6B31).


DesAIgn your own one of a kind wardrobe!

A pioneering experience in the fashion sector, where you can design an exclusive garment based on your preferences, creativity, and generative AI. From Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Desigual, in collaboration with Fermat, we challenge you to create a fashion collection with us.

Welcome to a journey into the future, where technology and creativity converge to redefine the boundaries of design and shape a more sustainable, accessible, and surprising industry.

Make data as human as you: create your own data-twin!

Can you imagine what the future of healthcare will look like? Here you will find the answer and you can be part of the biomedical revolution. Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) invite you to experience creating a digital twin prototype and see how it synchronises with you.

Supercomputing, using biometric and medical data, enables the creation of virtual human prototypes to better understand how our bodies function, personalise treatments, and prevent diseases, opening endless possibilities in medical research.

Rule a more ECO energy, rule it Smart!

In the pursuit of a greener world, energy transformation and technological innovation are essential. Are you up for experiencing sustainable, intelligent, and efficient management?

Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Wallbox welcome you to an interactive experience where you can manage the energy consumption of your household devices and optimise usage, adapting them to your home’s needs and even to each appliance.

The power to produce, manage, and consume energy sustainably is now in your hands. Seize the power, seize the future!

Ride on the wheels that will take you to the future of sustainability

Next destination: the future! Are you coming? Get ready to experience the new generation of electric vehicles with Mobile World Capital Barcelona and Hispano-Suiza.

Power and sustainability come together in an exclusive 100% electric hypercar that, inspired by the past, takes us to the future. Navigate the curves of the historic Montjuïc circuit and discover the most advanced automotive technology.

We invite you to try a simulator that will revolutionise your senses with performance and power that are hard to beat. Get ready to accelerate your emotions!


13:00 h

Artificial Intelligence in the era of Industry 5.0

In this session we will address how artificial intelligence is developing exponentially and the role it is destined to play in the development of industry, and in particular in the Industry 5.0 paradigm, which places individual and global sustainability at the centre.
  • Karina Gibert – Director of the Intelligent Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Research Center (IDEAI) at the UPC
  • Ricardo Baeza – Director of Research at the Institute for Experiential AI of Northeastern University
  • Michela Milano – Head of Centro Interdipartimentale Alma Mater Research Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (Alma AI)
MWC – Hall 6- Stand MWCapital (6B31)
10:00 h

MWCapital and Barcelona Supercomputing Center: the impact of emerging technologies on the world of healthcare

MWCapital together with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) are exhibiting a prototype of a digital twin, in which attendees will be able to generate a simplified version of their heart and understand concepts such as data donor and data twin.
  • Josep Maria Martorell – Associate Director at Barcelona Supercomputing Center
  • Alfonso Valencia – Director of the Life Science Department at Barcelona Supercomputing Center
  • Mariano Vázquez – Co-founder & CTO/SO at ELEM Biotech
  • Francesc Fajula – CEO, MWCapital​
  • Eduard Martín – CIO, MWCapital​
  • Núria Montserrat – ICREA Research Professor and Group Leader at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia
MWC – Hall 6- Stand MWCapital (6B31)
12:00 h

Roundtable with Desigual: Generative AI, creativity and fashion

AI algorithms are used to analyse fashion trends, consumer preferences, and even weather conditions in order to design clothing that is both aesthetic and functional. Speakers will discuss the set of challenges and opportunities that AI presents to the fashion industry.
  • Vitor Neves – Womenswear Design Coordinator, Desigual
  • Pol Baladas – CEO, Fermat
  • Jordi Álvarez – Head of Communication, Institutional and International Relations (BAU)
  • Tomeu Sabater – Director Tech Lab, MWCapital
MWC – Hall 6- Stand MWCapital (6B31)
10:45 h

Hispano-Suiza presents its first driving simulator in partnership with MWCapital

This session explores the future of mobility and offers the opportunity to try out the first simulator from the iconic Spanish brand, allowing participants to drive a Hispano-Suiza Carmen Boulogne on the historic Montjuïc circuit, which has been recreated for the occasion.
  • Luís Pérez Sala – Former Formula 1 Driver and Hispano-Suiza Brand Ambassador
  • Pablo Suárez – Test driver for Hispano-Suiza
  • Victor Cobos – CMO, Hispano Suiza
  • Eduard Martín – CIO, MWCapital
MWC – Hall 6- Stand MWCapital (6B31)
11:15 h

MWCapital and Wallbox: the future of energy management

Presentation of an experience of autonomous energy supply for homes and vehicles based on the storage function of electric chargers. By means of an interactive 3D model, it is possible to learn about the features offered by this system, which anticipates a future use for electric vehicle charging systems. During the roundtable, participants will explore the future of energy management, its possibilities and challenges.
  • Eduard Martín – CIO, MWCapital​
  • Eduard Castañeda – Innovation Director and co-founder of Wallbox
  • Daniel Montesinos – Director, CITCEA-UPC
MWC – Hall 6 – Stand MWCapital (6B31)


Fira Barcelona
Gran Via

Hall 6 – Stand 6B31
Av. Joan Carles I, 64
L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona

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